Kingston Trio’s Dave Guard talks about Gabby

Pure Gabby

Hula Records, CDHS-567

Dave Guard’s 1961 production (1978 release) of Hawaiian Slack-Key Guitarist,
Gabby Pahinui

A note from the producer on how this record came to be:

Dave Guard is my name; my music with the original Kingston Trio may be familiar to you. I was born in Honolulu, brought up in Waikiki, and the first record I ever bought was Hi’ilawe by Gabby Pahinui. When my folks gave me my earliest guitar I learned to play in the “G” slack key tuning first. I would hang around the Queen’s Surf night club just to hear Gabby’s trio (with Joe Diamond and Ralph Alapai.) I pestered Gabby for lessons and he showed me one of his “C” tunings, but he said “It’s not how you tune’ em up, it’s how you pluck ’em.” But only recently has Gabby considered himself a teacher: it’s enough that he plays the sweetest, cleanest most soulful, most Hawaiian guitar music ever heard, It’s enough that he has one of the finest voices in the world. It’s enough that when I hear Gabby I’m home.