2014 Gabby Pahinui Waimanalo Kanikapila Performers!

Click to download a PDF of this poster.
Click to download a PDF of this poster.

ALOHA NO! Please join us for the Seventh Annual Gabby Pahinui Waimanalo Kanikapila!

Mark your calendars! The 2014 Gabby Pahinui Waimānalo Kanikapila has been set for Saturday, August 9, 2014.

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Poster and list of performing artists will be posted soon. Please watch our postings on Facebook and here at: www.gabbypahinui.com

Event Description:

The 7th Annual Gabby Pahinui Waimanalo Kanikapila, is a “gathering of Hawaiian Musicians” to recognize Gabby Pahinui & Waimanalo as a center for Hawaiian music & cultural preservation, while developing & strengthening community pride & partnerships among ohana, community organizations, businesses & government agencies

Most importantly, the event makes a vital investment in the practices of cultural foundation building. The project is initiated from within the Hawaiian cultural community by Native Hawaiians who have dedicated their lives to supporting cultural practices, through preservation and educational programs. The event brings cultural practitioners together to connect to the special bond they share and to network/interact while sharing their knowledge and talents. Many of the most recognized and iconic musicians of today, including Gabby’s own now legendary sons began their training at musical gatherings such as this. There is a strong desire to bring back that musical character, connection, interaction, and happening to Waimanalo and to acknowledge the musical heritage of the Waimanalo community.

On August 8, 2014, the event begins with music workshops held at the pavilion. These workshops are being expanded due to growing interest in learning from Hawaiian master musicians. The main event on August 9th is designed as a gathering for musicians providing the opportunity to connect, play music and spend the day together. In the true kanikapila tradition they contribute to the day’s performances often playing with musicians other than their regular group/bands. It is expected that over 200 musicians and dancers will perform, beginning at 9:00am and continuing to 6:00pm.

Although the audience is secondary, because the event is free and open to the public more than 2,000 people join the gathering to watch and listen and experience this unprecedented cultural celebration. The event also provides an opportunity for community groups and organizations to set up informational displays and sell various arts and crafts for their fundraising. Food booths provided by community organizations and Waimanalo athletic groups feature era related local Hawaiian luau plate lunch, fried fish, poki, huli chicken, B-B-Q plates, patelles, shave ice, and the customary chili bowl and beef stew and rice.

More info at: www.GabbyPahinui.com, Cyril Pahinui on Facebook, and Gabby Pahinui on Facebook.



  • Billy V
  • Kimo Kahoano
  • Jackie Skylark Rossetti
  • Rev Herbert Sniffen

Kailihiwa “Hiwa” Vaughan-Darval & Halau Hula Ka Lehua Tuahine

  • Maka‘ala

•Pineapple Jam

  • Bernard Kalua
  • Barry Kimokeo
  • Alika Odom
  • Ron Loo
  • Pomai Loo
  • Andrew Molinda

Alan Akaka & Friends

  • Alan Akaka
  • Gary Aiko
  • Mālie Lyman
  • Eric Kaleo Keawe
  • Momi Kahawaiolaa
  • Kaipo Asing

Halau Mele Hawai‘i O Pahinui – Bishop Museum Class

  • Keoki I
  • Clayton Kaneshiro
  • Donald Osurman
  • Darryl Valdez
  • Kawika McKeague
  • Frank Colburn
  • Cy Irvine
  • Rodney Nagao
  • James Pilgrim
  • Sonny Perreira
  • Sean Robbins
  • Ricky Hana
  • Doug Fitch
  • Randy Parker
  • Jeff Petersen
  • Nathan Aweau


  • Kamuela Kimokeo
  • Kalehua Krug
  • Blake Leoiki-Haili


  • Kale Hannahs
  • Matt Sproat
  • David Kamakahi

The Carmen Haugen Quartet

  • Keith Haugen
  • Carmen U‘ilani Haugen
  • Ron Miyashiro
  • Frank Uehara


  • Nathaniel Mahealani Stillman
  • Trax Enos
  • Hanale Ka‘anapu
  • Albert Rowland


  • Ben Kaili
  • Victor Chock
  • Dwight Tokumoto

Regency Park Boys

  • Roland Cazimero
  • Duane Komine
  • Glenn Rosa

Hawaiian Boy

  • Mike Kaawa
  • Analu A’ina
  • Paul Kim

Jesse Kalima ‘Ohana

  • Jesse Kalima, Jr.
  • Kaliko Kalima
  • Zac Castro
  • Kai Artis
  • Cyril Pahinui
  • Peter Moon
  • Jeff Au Hoy
  • Kunia Galdeira
  • Sonny Lim
  • Rhonda Lamoka Osurman
  • Kata Maduli
  • Randy Meyers
  • Troy Millard
  • Palani Vaughan
  • Sonny Kalua
  • Eric Lee
  • Kailihiwa “Hiwa” Vaughan-Darval & Halau Hula Ka Lehua Tuahine
  • David Kahiapo
  • Joe Berinobis
  • George Kuo

Greg Sardinha and Friends

  • Greg Sardinha
  • Darrell Aquino
  • Mark Caldeira
  • Clayton Apilando
  • Gigi Takaki

‘Aina Folk

  • Gordon Freitas
  • James Christian
  • Jessie Yanez

Kealoha Kalima Ohana

  • Kealoha Kalima
  • Pomaikai Puli
  • Bumbo Kalima
  • Ipo Kalima

Mike Keale Band

  • •Michael Keale
  • •Dickey Cantohos
  • •Nathan Nahinu


  • Andy Llanos
  • Patrick Paaoao
  • Kimo Naylon
  • David Kahiliaulani Kuhia Kaio
  • Harrison Murray
  • Duke Domingo

Na Hoa

  • Keone Souza
  • Ikaika Blackburn
  • Halehaku Seabury
  • Ku Souza
  • Ekolu Chang
  • Liki Tavete
  • Makana

Loi Generation

  • E‘ala Stevens-Britos
  • Ken Afong
  • Joel Kamakele
  • Ron Johnson

Donald Kaulia Band

  • Donald Kaulia
  • Bucky Goo
  • Kale Bannister
  • Wendy Kaulia

Special Mahalo to

  • Windward Community College
  • Ananda Fund Hawai‘i
  • Office of Hawaiian Affairs
  • City and County of Honolulu